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Weird and wonderful facts about the Paris Metro

The Paris Metro is a key network that binds the city together, running for miles from East to West, North to South. Although it’s not the oldest in the world – that would be London’s underground – it certainly is one of the most established. We wanted to unearth some weird and wonderful facts, so read on to learn more...

  • The Paris Metro is the second busiest metro system in Europe
  • Thanks to careful planning each station can be found 550 yards away from another – making Paris also has the most comprehensive underground rail system in the world
  • The Paris metro runs more than 600,000 miles per day – that works out as 10 times around the world each day!
  • The first metro line was opened in 1900 just after the Paris World Exposition making it the forth oldest metro in Europe after London, Glasgow and Budapest
  • During WWII, the metro was too shallow to be used as bomb shelters, so they became a meeting place for the French Resistance - allowing them to conduct swift assaults on the Germans throughout Paris
  • The Paris metro is famous for its art and décor, each with its own theme, for example the Arts et Métiers station is designed to look like a submarine and Bastille station walls depict the historic French Revolution
  • Since 1997, the Espace Metro Accords (EMA) began holding auditions to decide which musicians could showcase their music in the metro – now 100 lucky candidates are selected each year and given permission to play music on the metro
  • All around Paris you’ll find ghost stations; stations which haven’t been used for years and are now closed to the public. Some of these include Arsenal, Haxo, or Porte Molitor.

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Here are some useful Paris Metro Tips.

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