Top 10 Things to Eat in Paris

A visit to Paris is synonymous with good food and there’s no better place to try a smorgasbord of French cuisine than in the metropolitan city. Take a break from sightseeing and try some of the top 10 things to eat in the city – no matter your tastes, you’ll easily find something you’ll love, from sweet to savoury and everything in between! Street-side Crêpe You can’t beat a freshly made, crisp crêpe cooked to order on a street-stand in Paris. Originally hailing from Brittany, the crêpe has made its way over to the Continent and is one of the most iconic things to eat in Paris. Thankfully you can’t go wrong with many crêpes from street stalls – just make sure you can see it being cooked. Choose from the favourite Nutella spread, or keep it simple with sugar and lemon. You can also try some savoury mixes, too. Snails Snails, or escargot, as they are known locally, are land snails that are cooked and usually served as a starter in most restaurants. Flavoured with a light garlic butter sauce escargot are considered a delicacy and worth trying while you’re in Paris. Served with a little fork and special tongs, they're worth ordering just to try them out! If you’re into your nutrition, you’ll be glad to know they are full of protein, too. Baguette A baguette is a quintessential French staple that, honestly, no one dislikes. The fluffy inside and crunchy outside make it a perfect option to accompany cheese, to bring on picnics, or even to have for breakfast. Now, the traditional white baguette has been modified to accompany all health-conscious needs, with sourdough, whole-grain and wheat-free options available. Steak Frites If you’re a meat lover you can’t pass up Steak Frites – which is pretty much what it says on the tin. An iconic dish of steak and fries served at most restaurants and brasseries in Paris and some even claim it’s the national dish of France (as well as Belgium). The steak is usually an entrecôte cut served with a simple reduced sauce and a side of crunchy crisps French fries. Fromage French cheeses are second to none and are not to be left off the menu. Normally served after dinner, as a last course, leave room because these creamy fromages will have you salivating! You’ll recognise the more famous ones like Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, Rambol Fumé and Emmental, but you’ll also find strong blue cheeses, garlic flavoured soft cheeses and a variety of goats cheese to try too. Butter up that fresh baguette and tuck in! Macaron Although the macaron doesn’t come from Paris originally, there are many Parisian confectionaries which bake some of the best you’ll ever taste. Many cities in France claim to be the founder of this French fancy, but nonetheless it’s a tradition that has spread all over the world. Ladurée is perhaps the most famous macaron shop in Paris dating back 150 years – but you can even buy them in McDonald’s too, such is the love for this spongy sweet. Croque-monsieur The croque-monsieur is the standard sandwich in France, filled with cheese and ham, toasted and served warm. Oozing with melted cheese, this French toasty is sometimes served with an added fried egg on top, as requested. It makes a great pick-me-up and you can usually find it at any café or brasserie to have in or take away at most hours of the day – perfect to have on the go while sightseeing. Duck confit Try a traditional French dish of duck, duck confit, cooked in an elaborate way once meant to preserve the meat. Cooked in their own fat, the duck thighs are golden brown but succulent and moist. If it’s a high end restaurant the ducks will usually be imported from the Southwest of France, and served with a tradition of pommes sarladaises and garlic-flavoured potatoes cooked again in duck fat. Delicious! Croissant One of the go-to breakfast items for most Parisians and visitors is the croissant. Walking through the streets of Paris in the early hours of the morning, all you can smell is the sweet pastry being baked ready for the morning rush. These buttery golden half-moons are a delicacy and most French people have them plain, but if you’re sitting down, they’ll tend to be served with butter and fresh local jam. Paris-Brest The Paris-Brest pastry was named after the cycle race between Paris and Brest, the tip of Brittany. One of the best-sellers in Parisian pastry shops, you must try this sweet delicacy, a wheel-shaped choux pastry shell filled with sweet praline buttercream and sprinkled with caramelised almonds. For those with a sweet tooth, this one’s for you!

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