La Conciergerie

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La Conciergerie
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What you'll do

Visit Paris' seat of justice, La Conciergerie, and admire the powerhouse of the city which dates back to the Roman times over 1000 years ago

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  • Explore this splendid gothic palace steeped in history
  • Learn how the building evolved from prison to palace
  • Its most famous prisoner was the fateful Marie Antoinette

La Conciergerie has been the central seat of authority and justice in Paris for almost 1000 years. It has a rich history and its ancient halls have seen countless games of power played out within them over the centuries.

A Glimpse of the Conciergerie Paris

The Conciergerie Paris, nestled in the heart of the city, boasts a riveting blend of history and architecture. It's a sight to behold, once serving as a royal palace, later turning into a prison during the French Revolution.

The Allure of La Conciergerie

When you step inside La Conciergerie, the timeless essence captivates you instantly. With the medieval Hall of Soldiers and the haunting cells of the Revolutionary Tribunal, the place resonates with tales from centuries ago.

The original La Conciergerie was a Roman fortress that, due to its enduring political significance, has been repeatedly enlarged throughout the years. It evolved into the oldest royal palace in Paris – the Palais de la Cité.

La Conciergerie highlights

  • It was said at the time to be the most impressive palace of the Middle Ages and continues to amaze any Paris visitor who walks within its walls. In the late 14th Century the kings relocated and La Conciergerie became the central administration offices of the Parliament of Paris.
  • The atmospheric corridors and grand halls of this ancient civic building are a grand monument to the bureaucratic powers that once stretched across half the world. 


Q. What is La Conciergerie known for?
A. La Conciergerie is known for its historical significance as a former royal palace turned prison during the French Revolution.

Q. Can visitors explore the prison cells at La Conciergerie?
A. Yes, visitors can explore the well-preserved prison cells at La Conciergerie, providing a glimpse into the harsh conditions experienced by prisoners in the past.

Q. Are there any notable historical figures associated with La Conciergerie?
A. Yes, La Conciergerie is famously associated with Marie Antoinette, who was held captive here before her execution, and it also housed numerous other prominent figures during the revolution.

Q. Is it possible to see Marie Antoinette's cell at La Conciergerie?
A. While Marie Antoinette's original cell is no longer intact, there is a recreation that allows visitors to imagine the conditions she endured during her time at La Conciergerie.

Q. Does La Conciergerie offer guided tours?
A. Yes, La Conciergerie offers guided tours that provide detailed insights into the history and architecture of the building, as well as the stories of its former inhabitants.

Q. Can visitors access other parts of the Palais de Justice from La Conciergerie?
A. No, La Conciergerie and the Palais de Justice are separate entities, but they are located within the same complex, allowing visitors to appreciate both historical sites in close proximity.

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Booking required

This attraction requires advanced booking.

Getting in: to access the monument you will have to show your Paris Museum Pass and your booking confirmation at the gate. 

This attraction is available as part of the digital Paris Museum Pass which is included for free with The Paris Pass®. Be sure to download it ahead of your trip and to save it on your phone as you'll need it at the entrance. You'll be asked to specify a 'date' which MUST be on one of the days you plan to use your passes. Click here for more information on downloading your Paris Museum Pass and a full list of attractions.

For more information visit the La Conciergerie website.

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