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Dali Paris
Dali Paris
Dali Paris

What you'll do

The Dali Paris exhibition is devoted to Salvador Dalí consisting mainly of sculptures and engravings. See some of Dali's famous works, including The Space Elephant and Alice and Wonderland, as well as unknown sketches 

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  • The only permanent museum and art gallery in France dedicated to Salvadore Dalí and his works
  • Highlights major themes of universal literature, mythology, history, and religion
  • Displays the artist’s most famous surrealist masterpieces including sculptures and illustrations

About the Dali Museum Paris exhibition

In the heart of Montmartre, a famous artists' village, Dalí Paris exhibits the largest collection of Salvador Dalí's works in France. This collection is the result of the extravagant inspiration of this emblematic artist of Surrealism: theatrical sculptures, erotic, dreamlike or irresistibly funny drawings, poetic objects and furniture, populate the phantasmagorical universe of the inventor of soft watches.

Surrealist 3D
Thanks to Dalí, everything becomes subject to transformation through the magic of dreams: the Space Elephant with the legs of a stilt-walker seems to escape weightlessness, a watch flows from a branch, a snail spreads its wings and Venus is adorned with drawers.

Tales and Wonders
From an encyclopedic culture, Dalí was fascinated by the great themes of literature, mythological or religious. He has illustrated with multiple techniques universal texts: Alice and Wonderland, Romeo and Juliet, Don Quixote, The Bible... but also more personal works, such as Moses and Monotheism or The Alchemy of the Philosophers. Each of these works is a work of art.

Sculpture, drawing, watercolour, engraving, lithography, the Dalí Space invites us to explore the main themes of his work: dream, mythology, sensuality...

Did you know:

  • Salvador Dalí’s brother was also called Salvador but he died 9 months before the artist was born – this lead Dalí to believe that he was the reincarnation of his brother, a theme which is often present in his works
  • Dalí’s eccentric nature was felt right at the start of his career when he attended the School of Fine Arts in Madrid and experimented with Cubism – before being expelled
  • After moving to Paris and meeting Pablo Picasso he joined the Surrealism group, based in Montmartre
  • Dalí and his wife fled to America, where they lived for eight years, during WWII
  • The artist is believed to have created over 1,500 paintings in his lifetime (before he died in 1989) – and this doesn’t include his drawings, sculptures and short films, among other artistic outlets…

Don't miss:

Dalinian Sculptures
Dalí’s sculptures (and any piece of art for that matter) are highly recognised for his iconic style. At Dalí Paris you can see The Space Elephant, a bronze sculpture depicting ‘the temptations of St Anthony’ which he used to symbolise the power of temptation with the glass obelisk. Another famous sculpture is his Alice and Wonderland, another bronze sculpture believed to represent and connect with Dalí’s own dream-like influences in his artistic expression.

Unknown sketches
Although Dalí is most famous for his sculptures in bronze, melting clocks and paintings, there is also a huge body of work that it unknown by most of the public. Explore his huge collection of pencil drawings at Dalí Paris and learn about some of the more unrecognised pieces in his body of works.

Dali Museum FAQs

Q. What are the major highlights of the Salvador Dalí Museum in Paris?
A. The Salvador Dalí Museum in Paris showcases an extensive collection of Dalí's surrealist masterpieces, including iconic works like "The Persistence of Memory" and "The Elephants."

Q. Are there any temporary exhibitions held at the Salvador Dalí Museum in Paris?
A. Yes, the museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions that explore various facets of Dalí's art and offer visitors a chance to experience his works in different contexts.

Q. Can I take photographs inside the Salvador Dalí Museum in Paris?
A. While photography is generally allowed in the museum's permanent collection, please note that flash photography and tripods are not permitted to ensure the preservation of the artworks and the comfort of other visitors.

Q. Are audio guides or guided tours available at the Salvador Dalí Museum in Paris?
A. Yes, the museum offers audio guides and guided tours led by knowledgeable art experts, providing valuable insights into Dalí's artistic vision, techniques, and the symbolism behind his captivating creations.

Q. Is the Salvador Dalí Museum in Paris wheelchair accessible?
A. Yes, the museum is fully wheelchair accessible, ensuring that visitors with mobility challenges can explore the galleries comfortably. The facility includes elevators and accessible restrooms.

Q. Can I purchase Salvador Dalí merchandise at the museum's gift shop?
A. Absolutely! The museum features a well-stocked gift shop where you can find a wide range of Dalí-inspired merchandise, including books, prints, posters, and unique souvenirs to commemorate your visit.

Know before you go

Getting in: please show your pass at the main entrance.

For more information visit the Dali Paris website.

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Operating hours

Wednesday to Friday: 1PM - 5:30PM
Saturday and Sunday: 11AM - 5:30PM 

Last entry at 5PM

Please check the Dalí Paris Museum website for changes in opening hours and closure dates.

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