Our Ultimate Guide to the Best Parisian Food

Headed to the French capital? Here's some Parisian foods you need to try...

Warning, your tummies may be rumbling by the end of this article. If you're planning a visit to the City of Lights, you'll definitely want to sample these famous culinary delights for a true taste of Paris! Croissants It's impossible to avoid a boulangerie in Paris with one on every other corner and it's worth dropping in for a breakfast croissant. Known for its distinct crescent shape and layers of buttery, flaky pastry, it was actually inspired by a Viennese pastry named the Kipferl and took on a life of its own in Paris. Escargot Love it or hate it, escargot is one of the most iconic Parisian foods out there and a must-try when visiting the city. Usually served as a starter to a meal, the snails are typically prepared by removing them from their shells, cooking them in garlic butter and replacing them in their shells again. Image sourced via Pinterest Steak Frites This traditional French staple is one that you'll find in most Parisian brasseries and while simple, it always goes down a treat. Consisting of an entrecote steak and French fries, it's perfect with a glass of red wine and a view of the twinkling city lights to round off your evening. The perfect steak frites in Paris is a hotly contested debate, but there's more than enough top ten lists on the internet to point you in the right direction. Duck Confit A beautifully prepared duck confit can put most dishes to shame with a single melting bite. This French specialty embraces all the fattiness of the duck, preserving the meat for hours in its own fat overnight in a refrigerator for a rich taste and then cooked for hours in the oven until the meat practically falls off the bone. Diners are generally served it in the form of a duck leg and thigh. Baguette Think of Parisians and chances are you'll think of a chic woman navigating the narrow streets on a bicycle, a baguette poking out of her basket or the side of her bag. Indistinguishable from French culture, these long, lean sticks of bread have a thick crust and a fluffy inside perfect for serving with artisan cheeses or meats from a Parisian market.


Because nothing goes better with fresh crusty baguette than delicious French fromage. With a huge selection to choose from, cheese is simply a way of life in France. Choose from mild Brie and blue Roquefort to creamy Reblochon, hard Comté and more! Image sourced via Pinterest Macarons As one of Paris' most photographed desserts, macarons are a treat of choice for many all over the world with their multi-coloured shells and gooey centres. These small desserts are usually finished in a couple of bites and come in a huge range of flavours and colours. Veer away from the mass-produced versions and do your homework to find macaron specialists in Paris - trust us, it won't be very hard. Crepes New York City has its hot dog stands, Paris has its crepe stalls. You'll find these everywhere in Paris and usually will have a front seat to the culinary process, so have your cameras ready as your chef expertly spins a thin disc of buttery pastry on a hot plate. With options galore ranging from sweet fresh fruit and nutella to a savoury, cheesy delight, there's a crepe out there for everyone. Image sourced via Pinterest Paris-Brest What's in a name? This ring shaped pastry was created in honour of a cycle tournament in 1910 between Paris and Brest, but has remained popular ever since. Akin to a grown up choux puff, the ring is filled with cream and hazelnut praline - making it every dessert fiend's daydream and a dieter's worst nightmare. Foie Gras While a bit of a controversial delicacy, foie gras is undoubtedly as French as it gets and is found all over Paris. It's essentially a fatty duck or goose liver which has a soft texture and a rich taste, cementing its status as a luxury dish all over the world. It's served and prepared in a number of different ways: seared, made into a parfait, turned into pate and more. Croque Monsieur Not in the mood for a full meal? Nip into a café and grab a croque monsieur, Paris' take on a cheese and ham toastie and so much better. Combining slices of ham with gruyere cheese and buttered bread, it's usually served piping hot and covered in mouthwatering bechamel sauce. Easy, breezy Parisian comfort food. Bon Appétit!
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