Top Five most unusual Paris museums

Explore Paris the unusual way and go off the beaten guidebook track and see some of Paris’ more under-appreciated museums. There are plenty of quirky museums to visit, you just don’t know about them yet. From life-like waxworks to underground sewage tunnels, explore the lesser known side of Paris. With a variety of places to visit, including ones for the family, there are plenty of museums to explore so make the time to visit these unusual Paris museums in Paris; we guarantee you’ll learn something you never knew before... Grevin Wax Museum Explore the world of wax with Paris’ Grevin Wax Museum, located near the quirky district of Montmartre. With over 300 figures of the world’s most famous faces, Grevin is the perfect place to take the kids to meet their celebrity icons and sporting heroes. From Madonna to Elton John, George Clooney and President Obama, learn how these wax replicas were made through an interactive tour and don't forget to walk up the turn-of-the-century Hall of Mirrors for a real optical illusion. Did you know that the harpsichord beside the model of Mozart is the original one he actually played? Museum of Advertising The Museum of Advertising in Paris is a step back in time, allowing visitors to learn about the most successful promotional propaganda of some of the world’s biggest brands. As the first museum dedicated to advertising, it has a huge array of examples from television, posters, film and radio – including unique exhibitions within constructed sets of and pop-up cities. Explore the multimedia library with a wide archive of important works, icons and photography to learn about the history of the day-to-day brands we still use and how they’ve evolved over time. Museum of the Sewers of Paris If you’re not claustrophobic the Museum of the Sewers of Paris is totally worth a visit for a unique experience of Paris – below ground. Explore the world under the streets of Paris within the famous old sewage tunnels whose system dates back to the 1200s. Thanks to Napoleon, it was he who commissioned the first network of tunnels to help develop the system, later perfected in the 1850s. Learn about the 2,100kms of tunnels that stretch under Paris’ streets and get an insight into some of the most advanced engineering of its time. Museum of Arts and Inventions A great one for the kids, the Museum of Arts and Inventions is one of Paris’ best museums and great for any gadget lover. Displaying over 3,000 inventions, scientific discoveries and ground-breaking innovations, this museum is a perfect for stimulating the mind. Discover the original pendulum, and the first calculator – and if you look up you can see a wide collection of vintage cars and aircrafts hung from the ceiling. Discover this range of mind-boggling inventions and original pieces – it’ll make you appreciate today’s advancements and the developments of the past. Gourmet Chocolate Museum Gourmet Chocolate Museum is a must-do for the foodies. Ever wondered how chocolate was made; or even where chocolate comes from? Well you can get the answers to all your chocolatey questions in this Gourmet Museum. Learn about the origins of the cacao bean and how different flavours are made through this interactive experience. From tribal rituals to state-of-the-art factories, explore the developments of the chocolate trade and get a chance to sample some at the end. In a hands-on session, you can watch the pros and be inspired! Visit all of the above for FREE with The Paris Pass. Discover the more unusual Paris museums without paying a single euro cent. Find out more, here.

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