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Our Guide to the Top 10 Paris Chocolate Shops

Have dessert before dinner at some of the best Paris chocolate shops

It’s hard to go a day in Paris without indulging in a sweet treat here or there, whether you’re getting busy with an eclair at a patisserie in Paris or sneaking one of the top crepes in Paris from a roadside stall. We’re particularly fond of the masterfully crafted chocolates in the capital ourselves and given that there’s literally a dedicated Paris chocolate festival, it’s no surprise that many in the city take the treat seriously. From Napoleon’s classic guilty pleasures to modern savoury delights, check out our Paris chocolate shop guide below...

If these shops aren't enough to whet your appetite and you want to learn more about the craft of chocolate making, head to the Gourmet Chocolate Museum. Covering 4,000 years of the history of cocoa and chocolate, take a trip back in time and discover the history of chocolate.

Pierre Herme

If you’ve been reading up on our other guides to the capital, you may recognise this establishment from our best patisseries in Paris guide. Aside from its delectable macaroons and Saint-Honores, it boasts a mouth-watering selection of handcrafted chocolates made from scratch. From chocolate-infused macaroons to creamy pralines, it’s safe to say you won’t be leaving here empty-handed.

Patrick Roger

It takes a lot to impress a Parisian gourmand, however Patrick Roger manages it again and again. Officially named one of the best craftsmen in France, chocolate is a serious business at his shop and the specially curated ingredients are major. It’s a shame to come here and not be a little adventurous, as Roger is known especially for the Amazone (a chocolate filled with lime and caramel). Try the Rocher praline - you’ll never buy a ferrero rocher again.

Jean-Paul Hevin

As with Patrick Roger, Jean-Paul Hevin has been named one of France’s best craftsmen for his skill with a bag of cocoa beans. Renowned for his sculptural creations - he even once crafted a show-stopping dress for a fashion show - there’s also a range of delicious bite-sized treats available at his shop if you’d prefer not to wear your dessert. We’d recommend heading to the rue de Bretagne branch and braving one of his cheese-ganache chocolates.

Jacques Genin

Chocolate, caramels and nougat are all child’s play at Jacques Genin, where even the simplest of recipes are taken to a completely different level. Also featured on our list of the best patisseries in Paris, Genin once hid his light under a bushel and worked only for restaurants and hotel kitchens - however thankfully he stepped into the sun with his own shop. With traditional safe flavours as well as more adventurous ones like mango and passionfruit, there’s something for everyone here.

Pierre Marcolini

Beloved internationally, this famed shop is a must-visit on your chocolate pilgrimage. The quest for the perfect Paris chocolate treat here begins long before you lay your eyes on the display case, as ingredients are painstakingly sourced from places as diverse as Cuba and Vietnam for the perfect taste. Their hazelnut-infused chocolates are something else entirely.

La Maison du Chocolat

The name of this shop literally means ‘the house of chocolate’ and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. As one of the most widely recognised Paris chocolate brands, you’ll find devout lovers at branches as far flung as Hong Kong. Many famed chocolatiers have lent their talents to this sweet-toothed institution including Jacques Genin (also on this list), Gilles Marchal and now master craftsman Nicolas Cloiseau. From crowd-pleasers to adventurous savoury chocolates, we’ve yet to meet a La Maison chocolate we didn’t like.

Michel Cluizel

If you’re hunkering for an entire bar to sink your teeth into, Michel Cluizel’s your man. While the chocolatier actually hailed from Normandy, his recipes catapulted him into stardom and he eventually moved to Paris where his popularity only grew. Topped with all manner of fruits, nuts and more, his miniature chocolate baguettes make for great souvenirs to take home.

Debauve & Gallais

Indulge in a piece of chocolate history at Debauve & Gallais, one of the oldest Paris chocolate shops around. Dating all the way back to 1800, Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie-Antoinette themselves have been said to be partial to a truffle or twelve from here. If it’s good enough for those discerning legends, it’s good enough for us to be honest.

Michel Chaudun

While many Paris chocolate shops can take themselves quite seriously, there’s nothing but joy at Michel Chaudun’s stellar shop. With stunning 19th century interiors and a playful menu, the entire establishment makes indulgence fun without scrimping on the quality. Think passionfruit ganache, layers upon layers of praline and caramel and quirkily shaped treats - all wrapped up in a gilded box you’ll never want to throw away.

Un Dimanche a Paris

Chocolate is an all day affair at Un Dimanche a Paris, a one-stop shop for those who want to eat, craft and learn more about the art of the cocoa-based treat. Run by the son of Michel Cluizel (another chocolatier on this list), the apple certainly hasn’t fallen far from the tree as this store boasts one of the best hot chocolates in Paris - made with real chocolate of course. On Sundays, they also serve brunch. Foie gras with chocolate, anyone?

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