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The Best Patisseries In Paris

Picture the scene. You’re in Paris, soaking up the city with your partner. And let’s be honest, they’re a little out of your league aren’t they? So you take them out to a nice restaurant, hoping they’ll be distracted by the fine dining to notice the discrepancy. You share a starter and the conversation’s flowing. Their eye’s light up when the main arrives. You’ve nailed it. Then they bring the dessert menu out, and your heart sinks. It’s dire. Cheese or sorbet. That’s your lot. You see it in your partner’s eyes too. The illusion is shattered. It’s only a matter of time before all your “cute” start becoming insufferable. You’ve blown it. But WAIT. Back up to when the waiter brought over the dessert menu. Before he even speaks you raise your hand. “Just the bill please”. You smile to your partner. A twinkle in your eye. You know exactly where to take them for the very best desserts that Paris has to offer. Because you read this blog. Good for you. Here are the best patisseries in Paris.

Carl Marletti

Dazzle your partner with outstanding pastries at Carl Marletti’s. It’s unassuming on the outside, so you’re sure to surprise them with your local knowledge. Truly one of the best pasty places in Paris. Their Lily Valley is to die for.

Sadaharu Aoki

Legendary Japanese chef Sadaharu Aoki fuses Japanese flavours with classic French recipes at one of Paris’ most renowned patisseries. You know it’s gonna be good when it’s got his name above the door. Expect tarts, cakes, and the like with a little Eastern twist. They even have a wasabi macaroon, which may be more of an acquired taste. Either way, it’s sure to impress your partner. If it doesn’t, dump the uncultured swine.


If you’re mad for macaroons, you may have already seen Laduree’s rainbow selection on Instagram. They even have a branch by the Champs Elysee, which is the perfect backdrop to prove to your beau that you’re a high 6/low 7 at the very least. There’s plenty of room too, so you can take your time while you dine on some of the best and brightest desserts in Paris.

Des Gateaux et du Pain

Another Parisian favourite is Des Gateaux et du Pain, chef Claire Damon’s shop. If you don’t know, she’s one of the best in the biz. And if your partner doesn’t know, you can pretend you knew all along. With more desserts than you can shake a sugar cane at, and a charming locale to boot, this is definitely one of the best patisseries in Paris.

Aux Merveillex de Fred

Does your partner think mervelliex are marvellous? Aux Mervelliex de Fred has got to be top of your list. If you’re wondering what mervelliex is, imagine a cream sandwich with meringues as the bread. Sounds pretty great, right? While originally a Belgian dessert, it’s now commonly found in France too. Want the best? Go to Aux Mervelliex de Fred.

L'eclair de Genie

If an éclair is the perfect dessert to keep the dream alive, take your partner to L’eclair de Genie. And don’t just expect your average run-of-the-mill éclairs. Expect inventive fruit infusions, and decadent fillings like salted caramel to hit the spot. Their menu also changes all year round, so a second visit should still impress the most unimpressed of partners. This could well be one of the best patisseries in Paris.

Jacques Genin

The eponymous Jacques Genin is owned by, you guessed it, chef Jacques Genin. Well known for curating the dessert menus of some of Paris’ finest restaurants, he decided to cut out the middle man and sell his sweet delights straight to the public. You’ll like see some interesting fusions and exciting takes on classic desserts. Prove to your partner that your taste buds aren’t milquetoast by ordering something more adventurous than milk and toast.

Pierre Herme

Any discerning macaroon fan worth their salt will already know about Pierre Herme. It’s one of the most famous patisseries in Paris, nay the world! The colourful delights within this inviting macaroon-ery will have you and your partner dancing the macarena. Probably. Well, maybe not, but they’re still brilliant.

There you have it. The best patisseries in Paris that are sure to impress every sweet-toothed partner. You are very, very welcome. Of course, Paris is brimming with dessert dineries, so if we missed any, be sure to shame us in the comments below.

And if you need any more inspiration on things to do in Paris, why not check out our blog on the best rooftop bars?

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