Our bucket list of things to do in Paris

We’ve asked everyone around the office to help us come up with a top 10 bucket list of things to do in Paris. With a wealth of sights, attractions and experiences to enjoy in the city it’s hard to come up with just 10 – but we managed! From classic Paris traditions to not-to-miss experiences there’s something from everyone. If anything it highlights the wide range of things there are to do in Paris, so good luck trying everything!

  1. Climb to the top of Montmartre
Paris’ highest mound, Montmartre offers stunning natural views over the city. Stand just in front of the Sacré Coeur and you can see all the way over the city’s rooftops. Dubbed the bohemian hub of Paris, it was once the haunt of prolific painters like Picasso and Dali who used to meet for intellectual exchanges. Make sure you have your camera with you to capture the iconic steps, too.
  1. Listen to a free concert at Notre Dame Cathedral
Enjoy the grandeur of Paris’ best loved cathedral and take your experience to another level by attending a free concert. Most churches in Paris offer free recitals and concerts, open to the public, including Notre Dame itself. Sit inside this 12th century French Gothic cathedral and let yourself be drawn into the moment.
  1. Take a selfie at Pont des Arts
Although a few months ago we would have suggesting adding a love lock to the bridge, but sadly the Paris officials are trying to dissuade eager tourists from damaging the bridge further as it's buckling under the weight! Because of the popularity of the habit, the bridge is now being weighed down so much its damaging the structure, so why not save the bridge and its tradition, and instead opt for a weight-free selfie. Plus it’s much easier to share among your friends!
  1. Picnic under the Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is one of Paris’ most iconic monuments and you can’t visit Paris without dining DIY style under the Iron Lady. If weather permits we recommend you take a picnic (complete with stereotypical baguettes, brie, wine and fresh pastries) to tide you over. If you wait until the sun has set, you can even dine under the lights as the Eiffel Tower shines through the night. So romantic...
  1. Have brunch at Café Marly
Take your experience of Paris up a notch and forgo your hotel breakfast for a day and head to Café Marly instead; the impeccable restaurant that overlooks the Louvre. You can’t beat it for the view, plus the service is hard to beat – even if the prices are a little eye watering - and you're guaranteed a strong coffee and even some champagne if you're in the mood.
  1. Watch the sunset on the Arc de Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe is one of Paris’ most iconic buildings, steeped in triumphal history that dates back to the Napoleonic era. As well as the architecture and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, what we really love and recommend is that you stay above ground and head up to the viewing platform to catch the sunset. Two words: breath-taking.
  1. See for 40kms on the top of Montparnasse Tower
If you look ahead and plan this one, it’s well worth it. On a clear day Paris’ only skyscraper, Montparnasse Tower, offers views up to 40kms away. That’s as far as Versailles and Chantilly! We challenge you to see as far as you can, you’ll need some pretty hefty binoculars and don’t worry there are telescopes up at the viewing gallery, too. Did you know 5,000 people also work in the building, too?
  1. Buy a book from the Shakespeare & Company Bookshop
Paris’ most loved bookshop, the Shakespeare & Company bookshop, sits right opposite the Notre Dame on the left bank of the Seine. Not only does it come with one of the best river views, but it’s one of the quirkiest bookshops in Paris. Floor to ceiling, it’s brimming with old and new books as the shop has been around for nearly 100 years. We recommend you go; it’s a favourite of the literati and locals alike and you’ll see why!
  1. Have a real French macaroon
You can't beat French goodies; they have a real knack for the sweet and delicious and all those patisseries in Paris do not fail. From Pierre Herme to La Patisserie de Reves (which means the patisseries of dreams!) you'll be hard pushed to find a bad macaroon. Turning it into an art, we take our metaphorical chef hats off to them!
  1. Visit the I Love You wall
The I Love You Wall is one of the most iconic walls of urban emotional expression in the world, and nestled away in one of the most historic boroughs (Montmartre) it's a must-see. The tiled wall is made up of over 1000 'I love yous' in more than 300 languages and is the true declaration and representation of multi-cultural and multi-lingual love.
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