Our Guide to Transportation in Paris

Navigate your way around the city of lights like a total pro with our guide to transportation in Paris. From the métro to bike tours, we've got you covered...

Paris' transportation system is remarkably straightforward and the plethora of options are all pretty affordable. Whether you’re keen to catch a bus, the Métro or even ride a Segway, here’s our guide to some of the best transportation in Paris so you can get around the city with ease.

Paris Métro

Unsurprisingly, Paris has an exceptional underground train service, known as the Métro. They also have a pretty good app and website supporting it, so it’s fairly straightforward to find your way around. During the week, trains typically run from around 5.30am until just after 1am, and a little later on weekends (1.40am approximately). There may be up to ten minutes between trains, but usually it’s more like two minutes, especially during busy periods. Holidays may vary, so be sure to check in advance. To check routes, view general advice or even buy your tickets, check the RATP website. Tickets are relatively cheap in Paris. In fact, single tickets, known as “Ticket t+”, retail at around €1.90 and are valid for one continuous journey on the Métro network. You can also purchase tickets in convenient books of ten, which gives you a further discount. Tickets can be booked in advance or you can buy them on the day easily enough from the various kiosks and machines.

By Bus

Maybe you’d prefer to take the bus and see the sights while travelling around Paris? Buses are also managed by RATP, who are the regional transportation authority. You can grab a map from tourist offices and Métro stations or you can check online using their app or website. A single journey by bus costs around €2, however, it’s possible to use Métro tickets on board too. Be careful though, as some of these tickets bought on the bus are solely for bus travel. These tickets are marked with “sans correspondences”. If you’re travelling with children under 4, they can travel for free on buses, trams and the Métro. Children between 4-10 years old can get a half-price book of ten tickets, so be sure to double check the travel offers before heading out.

By Tram

Trams are relatively new and you’re probably going to be most interested in the T3 line in Southern Paris as this covers some of the key tourist areas. Trams typically run every 5 minutes. Be sure to stamp your ticket before you get on though, as there can be inspectors on board.

By Train

There are also overground train services too connecting central Paris to the suburbs and the airport. You can use your single tickets on shorter journeys within central Paris, otherwise you’ll have to buy tickets direct to your destination if it’s outside of the centre. Please note, once you’ve stamped your ticket, it’s valid for approximately an hour and a half so don’t get sidetracked!

By Bike

Travelling around Paris by bike is an excellent way of seeing the city. It’s possible to rent a bike, go on a bike tour, rent an electric bike, you name it, some providers even deliver them too so there are plenty of options. Just don’t forget your helmet!

Segway Tours

Described as one of the coolest forms of transportation in Paris, glide through the city streets, stopping off at famous monuments such as The Orsay Museum and the Louvre Museum when you hop on a segway tour. They vary in length but typically take upwards of two hours. It's much faster than getting around on foot so a segway may be a better use of your time!

Unlimited Travel in Central Paris

Included in any Paris Pass package, the Paris Visite Pass (Travelcard) is valid to use on journeys in central Paris on the Métro, buses, trams and RER/SNCF (overground trains). You’ll also get to skip the queues at the ticket office as this ticket is your all-inclusive pass for getting around. We hope this guide to transportation in Paris has been of use to you, and we wish you a very pleasant visit indeed.
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