If you're coming to Paris this weekend you'll be after some unique things to do during your visit. Treat you and the kids to some great memories and experiences - from lavish Easter Egg hunts to pony rides, not to mention Disneyland Paris! Read more for some inspiration of things to do this Easter: 1. Easter Egg Hunt at Musée Montmartre On Sunday, April 5 and Monday, April 6 visit the Renoir Gardens and find out all the Easter eggs! Explore every nook and cranny in the garden, from its flowerbeds to its trees and bushes to find those colored eggs. Your quest will lead you from one surprise to another as you explore these luxurious gardens, and don't forget to visit the museum to see the landscape immortalized by the painter Auguste Renoir. Head down from 2:00pm. Suitable for kids 2 - 12 years and free for children under 10 years. 2. Ride a pony at Hippodrome de Saint-Cloud On Good Sunday 5th April, France Galop invites you to spend a beautiful spring day with your family in nature to mix horse riding and egg hunting. Look out for the 10 000 Easter eggs hidden in all corners of the Hippodrome. If you're really lucky you'll find the 10 “magic” eggs and their extraordinary surprises within. After the hunt, spend the afternoon riding ponies or a merry-go-round! A brilliant family day out. Free entrance for under 18. 3. Be a princs or princesses at Château de Vaux le Vicomte From 4th to the 6th April, the Château de Vaux le Vicomte will be hosting a unique Easter event including more than 170 Easter egg hunts around the famous garden designed by Le Nôtre. Explore the castle and its gardens to savour more than 120 000 “Léonidas”chocolate eggs! Also, participate to creative activities on “Fouquet family” theme. Open from 10:00 to 18:00. Free entry for children under 6 years. 4. Visit Disneyland This Easter, Disneyland Village is one of the more popular destinations and one that's high on the agenda for any child! Come and enjoy the magic of Disney and watch a circus of entertainment from clown shows, jugglers and acrobats to delight the children. Catch the Easter Egg hunts in “Easter Labyrinth” over Easter Sunday and Monday. Book online in advance through: www.pariscityvision.com 5. Maison Hugo & Victor a chocolate lover's destination Remember that Easter is also the occasion to savor high quality chocolates and exceptional delicacies. The delicious chocolates at Hugo & Victor Shop - is one of our biggest recommendations! Tuck into Hugues Pouget's sumptuos chocolates on their “sea” theme, including the Coral Egg, Wave Egg and even colored fish… Who needs Easter eggs when you have chocolate sea creatures! 6. Family fun at Musée des Arts Forains Find the famous Easter Bunny with all the family ! In the fantastic world of the Musée des Arts Forains get your kids involved in Paris' stunning art and cultural heritage. From the 4th to the 6th April. You can even follow the guide and play to collect points for you team. Who doesn't love a bit of family competitiveness? Arrive for 1:30pm and you can spend the afternoon visiting the monuments and sculptures, as well as playing on the merry go-round, taking part in the quiz and seeing the shows, too! 7. Foodies head to Le Meurice For a gourmet-chic Easter meal, book a brunch at Meurice above anywhere else. Cédric Grole, the head chef, serves a mouth-watering repertoire so make sure you arrive with an empty stomach. Why not treat yourself and have a glass of champagne, fruit and fresh pastries - or even start with a delicious dessert. Who's to judge, you're on holiday! If you like to keep it savoury try the Scottish salmon, soft boiled eggs with black truffle or a beef “gravelax”, or if you're really hungry you could even have a heartier meal like lamb leg, a Canadian lobster or poultry for the real deal. 8. Cycling meets Social Media Roule ma poule is the name of the event organised by Vélib’ (the urban hire bikes you'll see all around Paris) for Easter. You are invited to participate in Paris' newest Easter egg hunt from 10:00am to 6:00pm in the capital … More than 500 “poulettes” (hens) will be hidden in the Vélib’ baskets but the catch is, you won't find out which stations they are hidden in until they reveal it with he hashtag #RouleMaPoule 9. Adult Playground at Parc André-Citroën We always associate Easter with kids - but let's not leave the adults out! Everyone wants to celebrate Easter especially when it involves chocolate and treats. But this is something slightly more high-brow. If you consider yourself one of the forgotten, head to Expo in the City which organizes a big cultural treasure hunt. A free event it offers 600 passes into its fascinating exhibition. If this has peaked your interest, turn up on Sunday 5th April at 3:00pm and you'll find out more. As an incentive, you could win tickets to see David Bowie, Bonard, Klimt … 10. Celebrate Tradition at Notre-Dame Cathedral Nowadays we associate Easter with chocolate above everything else… But let's go back to basics and remember it's roots as a religious celebration and festival. If you want to celebrate in a traditional way, Notre Dame is holding Easter Vigil Mass at 8.15pm. Even if you're not particularly religious, it's worth a visit just to say you've been! Find out more ways you can make the most of your trip to Paris this weekend and visit the top Paris attractions for free. Find out more, here

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