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Seasons in Paris

Paris is popular with visitors all year round and the city experiences the 4 traditional seasons, each bringing the city to life in a different and exciting way. The overall climate for Paris is pretty mild and extreme weather conditions and storms are very rare.

Springtime in Paris (March to May)

Spring is a great time of the year in Paris as temperatures rise to 10C to 19C on an average day but can feel warmer when the sun is shining. Occasional rain showers aren’t uncommon so take an umbrella just in case.

Summertime in Paris (June to September)

The summer is the most popular time of year with visitors to the city. Temperatures average between 21C and 26C with August being the driest month of the year. Long Summer evenings allow for even more quality sightseeing time and general exploring of the city.

We recommend you take protection from the sun and warm weather conditions to make the most of your time.

Autumn in Paris (October to November)

Autumn in Paris is a unique time of the year when trees turn auburn and eventually shed their leaves. Temperature s range from 10C to 16C as colder conditions return to the city.

Make sure you pack a warm jacket or jumper for those chillier days and evenings.

Winter in Paris (December to February)

Paris is still a fantastic city to visit during the winter months. It can sometimes snow in Paris so check ahead and pack appropriate clothing so you enjoy the city in this magical setting.

Lower temperatures between 2C and 5C on average are to be expected at this of the year.

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